Chemical Peels

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A chemical peel is a treatment that is used to improve complexion and skin texture on the face. Similar to a facial, the solution put on the face contains chemicals that cause dead skin to loosen and peel off when the dried solution is removed. This technique leaves the skin smoother, and is an effective way to reduce wrinkles.
Chemical Peels are very important to maintain your skin with elasticity and free of radicals from contamination of the pollution, sun exposure, sugar’s, smoke or alcohol. The skin will be able to receive more oxygen and breath better by doing a soft exfoliation on the skin every two weeks or at least once per month. This will prevent getting less brake outs and prevents the skin from getting deep wrinkle’s !


Package Special: Get 3 Apple Organic Peels  Mini-Facials for only $195
Package Special: Three Vitamin C  or Salicylic or Glycolic peels for $235
Package Special: Three TCA Peels for Dark spots $375
Package of 3  Microdermabrasion’s for only $165
Package of Three Laser Photo-Facials with IPL $345

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