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30 minute massage or Cellulite removal treatment $60
60 minutes massage
60 minutes Swedish Relaxation Massage

Dermapen Skin Improvement Treatment $500 per session Now 50%OFF
A) 90 minutes Full Body Scrub Wrap with Repechage.
B) All Facials sale price Now!



Please check our updated price menu. 

Welcome to Tania MediSPA Ltd., with our expertise in skin care and permanent makeup solutions. Whether to save money and time correcting skin imperfections or to simply feel beautiful, people are turning to permanent makeup and related skin treatments. To contact us for appointments, call/text (403) 397-1976.

Please check our site menu for more information about our Permanent MakeupSkin Treatments and other variety of options available for you.

We also teach fast-track esthetics to students.

Tania MediSPA Ltd.