Christmas Deals


Hello, I have three special discounts this upcoming Christmas for all you clients!

  1. Infrared Thermage RF Tightening Facial, for reducing sagginess in the cheeks, around the eyes, the neck, etc. Usually $200, but I’m giving out a treatment for just $99!
  2. For clients with hair loss, I can do a treatment on your scalp that will help you regrow lost hair. (Be sure to call me for the treatment details, to see if this is right for you.)
  3. Body & Face skin tightening. If you’re going on a weight-loss spree or you have flappy skin, I can tuck it for you for just $199 per treatment.

Clients who order these treatments through the Products & Offers page will also receive a free gift certificate by mail for themselves, or to give away for friends to use!


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